Gouda, Inc. manufactures custom gauze bags in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Lightweight gauze is an unusual and effective material to make into bags. Gauze is a strong, lightweight material with an ephemeral effect when used as a bag. We have made custom bags out of gauze for a number of years and in a number of applications. Gauze bags are great bags for our fashion customers as well as some of our corporate clients looking for a distinct custom bag.  Gauze bags are great for packaging as well as retail carrying bags. Gauze bags are a great price point as the material itself is inexpensive.  Typically, we silkscreen on gauze bags prior to sewing them up. We also custom dye our gauze bags to special colors and we can dye and print onto the gauze before we make it up into a bag.

The bag pictured here is an over the shoulder style custom shape designed to to be carried across the body and over the shoulder.

Gouda, Inc. makes gauze bags in custom shapes and sizes.

Gouda, Inc. is a bag manufacturer and wholesaler of custom bags. Cotton gauze is the lightest weight cotton that can be sewn into a bag. The next heavier cotton is a cotton sheeting. Custom gauze bags can be unique way to stand out in the crowd of promotional bags.  Gauze bags are a quality alternative in the noisy world of promotional bags.  Typical timing to make our gauze bag is 70 days. Minimum qty to order a gauze bag is 2,000 units.  We do not stock this style gauze bag for domestic printing, it is made to order.  Pricing for this or any other of our gauze bags is available upon request.  Call a bag expert today to discuss your custom gauze bag: 212-477-9373