Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom leather gifts and accessories.

We make custom leather gifts in a variety of shapes and grades and colors of leather. Gouda creates custom leather gifts with logos that are perfect for corporate gifts.

The custom leather notebook pictured here was designed around hand bound gold dipped pages, a custom logo plaque is applied to the cover of the notebook and matched to the gold snap.

We manufacture custom private label, wholesale leather gifts for corporate gifts as well as retail.

When creating a fully custom leather product, we can make custom color leathers as well as pressed textures and also metallic finishes. We start with the raw skin when making a custom leather gift, so we have control of the whole process.

We create leather gifts and leather accented products in nude leather as well dyed leather.

We can work with your existing leather designs, or we can create the custom design for you.

Minimum qtys. to manufacture your custom leather gift will depend on the design. Call us for an estimate: 212-477-9373