Custom Wooden Boxes

Custom wooden boxes are one of the most upscale packaging decisions you can make for your product or brand.

We design boxes around each packaging assignment. The weight and grade of the wood is selected based on the overall budget, desired function and end use of the box.

We create felt lined boxes with custom brass hinges designed to be featured prominently as well as simpler boxes with a more rustic finish for more plain packaging.

We print, laser etch, stamp and create plaques to apply logos to our custom boxes.

Choose from a variety of finishes from natural color wood to stained wood to the shiniest lacquer.

We manufacture boxes in the US and overseas depending on the project scope and timing.

Frequent Questions about custom wooden boxes:

  • What are the Minimums? 50 units
  • Can I have a custom size? Yes
  • Can I have a logo on my box? Yes
  • What types of logo printing? Branded, or silkscreened
  • Can I print on more than one side of my box? Yes
  • How do I get a quote? Call or email us
  • Can I approve a sample? Yes
  • Where are wooden boxes produced?  Both in the US and overseas
  • Can my boxes be a custom color? Yes

Call or EMAIL us to discuss your project today: 212-477-9373.