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Custom Umbrellas

Gouda crafts beautiful, practical custom umbrellas made to order

Custom umbrellas from the frame to the fabric

Crafting beautiful, custom umbrellas for over twenty years.  We are expert in everything from compact umbrella sizes to oversize golf umbrellas.

Although umbrellas are part of our everyday lives, it may not be obvious how they are made. This tour of styles will provide a better understanding of the process and the options when creating a custom umbrella with Gouda.

To create a truly custom umbrella, we need to start at the beginning with your design goals to be sure you need a custom manufactured solution.

Logo Umbrellas

Simpler, umbrellas with a logo print mainly fall into the category of our logo umbrellas.  These stocked umbrellas come in a number of styles and sizes and are already fully assembled for the fastest delivery.  We print and ship our stock logo umbrellas within ten days.  So, if all you need is a logo imprint umbrella, check out this link for more details: Logo Umbrellas

If you can dream it, we can manufacture it

When your design calls for a larger image, or you want to print across the seams, or need a full color printing, fully custom umbrella options are the best solution.  Our custom umbrellas are famous for their style and details, including double layer options, special coatings, and full color printing.  We tailor all aspects of your custom umbrellas from the handle, to the color of the wood, to the color and design of the fabric based on your specific design.

Our New Online Customizer

Try out our new online customizer tool to visualize your umbrella design in 3D in real time. Simply upload your design and preview it from all angles to finalize your design. Click this link to our online customizer to start designing your umbrella to get started: Online Umbrella Customizer

Custom Umbrella Handles

When creating fully custom umbrellas we can offer custom handles as part of the process. We create unique handles including traditional hook handles in wood, plastic, and acrylic.  If you want to make a custom shape or include a logo, custom molded handles are a great solution.  Quantities for custom handles are higher than our standard handles, so call us to discuss your goals. See more examples of our custom handles at this link: Custom Umbrella Handles

Take a look at the many examples of our custom manufactured umbrellas and call or email us to get started with your project: 212-477-9373

Custom Umbrellas

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