Digital printing on cotton canvas has come a long way and our digital print canvas totes are made to order on every weight canvas that we print.

We start the process with your artwork and the dimensions for your tote to provide you with a complete estimate for your project.

The factors that will influence the cost of your tote are the size of the bag, weight of the cotton, the print coverage and the finishing details for your tote like snaps or pockets, etc.

We recommend high resolution files for any digital printing to get the most clear print results. We  print from Photoshop®  files or Adobe® Illustrator artwork.

What types of artwork print well digitally? Our printing will reproduce bold colors and even fine details in large color areas. Our digital printing will even hold the fine details like watercolor strokes.

See the results of our digital printing on  cotton canvas here to see how clear the printing will be with your artwork.

Digital Print Canvas Totes printed with full color artwork all over. Custom digital print cotton canvas totes made to order: 212-477-9373

Email your design for a quote.