Custom Silk Scarves – made to order

Custom Silk Scarves

Custom silk scarves have been a mainstay of our custom offerings at Gouda since we started making custom gifts and accessories in 1992. If you are looking for top quality and great customer service you have come to the right place.  You will work with a specialist to answer any questions you might have from your first phone call.  Our best in class digital printing is recommended for all of our silks. Whether your imagery is full color paintings or solid spot colors, the results are rich colors with excellent color penetration.

Our custom custom silk scarves begin with a concept for a scarf in either a square or oblong format. Typically, we want to design the scarf around the optimum yield of the silk fabric so that it will be the most cost effective and not waste the silk itself. We can discuss size options with you at the beginning of the process to help make some of these decisions at the outset.

What are the Types of Silk I can Print?

We print our custom silk scarves on silk twill, satin, georgette, and crépe. Each of these fabric weights and weaves have different properties and looks when printed. We also offer twill in a few different weights which have a more or less formal quality.

Scarf Design Help?

We also provide scarf design services if you need assistance with your custom scarf project. You will work directly with our design team to finalize your scarf.

What about Hemming?

We craft our scarves with machine rolled hems in most cases. A true hand-rolled hem is rolled and hand sewn stitch by stitch – which is the most traditional and formal scarf finish. A machine hem is less expensive than a hand rolled hem, but if your project calls for a true hand rolled hem contact us for current costing.

Does Gouda make logo labels?

We can create a custom woven logo label for custom scarves. Follow this link to see more about our Logo Labels

What kind of packaging is available for scarves?

We recommend our printed envelopes for customized packaging because they keep the scarves neat in transit and on shelf. Follow this link to see more about our custom printed scarf envelopes: Scarf Envelopes

Frequent Questions about Custom Silk Scarves:

  • What are the minimums for silk scarves? 100 units
  • Can I assort my prints? If you order 200 units, we can split the order up to 4 times of 50 units per design
  • What kind of artwork should I provide? Illustrator or Photoshop is preferred
  • Does the color go through the silk to the back of the scarf? Yes
  • Will my colors match on silk? Yes, we are very good at matching color, understanding there is always some translation when printing on fabric
  • Can I see a sample of my design for approval prior to bulk production? Yes
  • Can I request a random sample prior to placing my order? Yes
  • Can I request a swatch card with different types of silks to make a decision about which silk I want to print? Yes
  • Can I order an approval sample on different types of silks? Yes
  • How much will my scarves cost? Email us for a current cost list by size and fabric
  • Can I have a custom size for my scarves? Yes, these are made to order

Call or EMAIL us to discuss your custom silk scarves today: 212-477-9373

Custom Scarves made to order