Gouda, Inc. makes promotional tote bags in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes.

Promotional bags can either be a one time use bag that is thrown away as soon as it makes it home from an event, or they can be bags that the recipient enjoys in their daily life.  That bag user becomes an ambassador for the message on that promotional bag.

If you need to give away literature at an event, a promotional bag is a perfect way to hand over your literature and to ensure that the recipient will carry all of the literature home and consider the materials more carefully.

We have also found that better quality promotional bags reflect on the company or property giving away the bag.  A cheap promotional bag can send the wrong message. It is worth considering an option that is not at the bottom of the price point options, because a promotional bag is just that: promotional.  If you think about promoting something with a cheap bag, you may be undermining the purpose of the bag.

Create a custom promotional bag with Gouda, and your message will stand out.

We partner with you to create not a single promotional bag but a campaign with your custom bag that will promote your core message.

No need to be limited by only stock bags for your promotional bag programs, you can finally have the right custom bag for your promotion. We craft custom bags to fit your promotion.

The bag pictured above was created and given out with literature about a new real estate development and was made in a lightweight canvas and silkscreen printed on both sides of the bag. We tailored the size and shape of this tote to fit the literature for the project.

In some cases a custom shape is needed and sometimes a stock option will work.

Call the bag expert to discuss your unique bag project: 212-477-9373

Frequent Questions:

  • If I need edge to edge printing is this a custom made bag? Yes
  • If I need a custom dyed canvas is this a custom made bag? Yes
  • Can I print in Pantone colors on stock bags? Yes
  • Are stock bags faster than custom made bags? Yes
  • Can I make custom bags in the US? Yes
  • Can Gouda help me figure out my bag project? Yes
  • Why is Gouda a better choice for bags? We have every option you could be looking for in tote bags
  • How do I get pricing? Contact us by phone or drop us an email