Cork Backed Placemats

Cork backed placemat sets are a classic gift that never goes out of style. Gouda creates custom placemats in a number of materials, and our cork backed placemats and coaster sets are always popular choices to reproduce full-color imagery.

Our cork backed placemats start by printing and full-color imagery and laminating them to make a durable, stable placemat.  The cork backing is applied to prevent slipping on all surfaces from glass to wood. We laminate the top of the placemats with a UV coating that is either a gloss or satin finish so the placemats can be wiped down and cleaned easily. Our cork backed placements are durable, water resistant and will last for years maintaining their original color and finish.

We can pack your custom cork backed placemat sets in cardboard gift boxes or in clear acetate. Our sets are usually packed in sets of four assorted images.

Call us to discuss costing for your custom placemats: 212-477-9373