Gouda, Inc. manufactures digital cotton bandanas printed to order with full color designs.

If you are looking to produce your own custom digital cotton bandanas, you have come to the right place. Our full-color printing penetrates our fabrics so your bandanas will be colorful through and through front to back.

Color on the back side of our bandanas will be nearly as rich as the color on the front.

The cotton we use for our scarves and bandanas is soft yet durable and colorfast no matter what type of artwork you provide.  Our bandanas are machine washable so you can keep them clean and reuse them daily.

Gouda has been manufacturing custom scarves and bandanas for over twenty years. You can see more Custom Scarves on our site for further options and materials.

Frequent Questions about digital cotton bandanas

  • What are the minimums for custom digital cotton bandanas? 200 units
  • Can I assort the prints within the minimum? Yes, we an assort up to 4 designs
  • Are these bandanas soft? Yes
  • What is different about a digital bandana from a traditional bandana? Traditional bandanas are printed with spot colors. We make these too, but digital is softer and we have more color options.
  • Does the color come through the fabric to the back? Yes
  • Are these bandanas washable? Yes
  • Are they colorfast? Yes
  • What kind or artwork do I need to provide to get started? Adobe Illustrator® or Adobe Photoshop® is preferred
  • Can you match a Pantone® color? Yes
  • Can I get help with my design? If you are not a designer, and need help creating or finalizing your design, we are happy to assist
  • What is production timing for bandanas? Timing for digital cotton bandanas will take 30-35 days after approval
  • Can I order an approval sample before bulk production? Yes. Once we have your order we can schedule a sample for your approval
  • How long does it take to sample? If you need a sample of your bandana prior to production, that will add approximately 3 weeks to the process
  • How much will my bandanas cost? Contact us for a quote
  • Do you sell wholesale? Yes
  • Where are these cotton bandanas made? Overseas
  • Do you have US made bandanas? Yes, they are less soft than our digital options

Bandanas, while not medical face masks are a practical barrier for every day wear to reduce exposure to dust and viruses. So, be smart and keep yourself and others protected with a bandana.

Even Matthew McConaughey is making bandana masks.

Call or email the experts to get started, request a quote or discuss artwork: 212-477-9373

Digital Printing


digital cotton bandana
Soft cotton fabric printed with full color digital printing
Color penetration through to the back of the bandana create a truly wearable bandana
Soft cotton fabric printed with full color digital printing
Color penetration through to the back of the bandana create a truly wearable bandana
100% Cotton Bandanas

Custom Cotton Bandanas – made to order