Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom snow globes made in glass, plastic and resin.

Gouda designs and molds custom scenes for fully custom snow globes. Custom painted scenes and custom floating elements including stars, glitter and even fog. One of our most famous snow globes is actually a fog globe we made for a client in San Francisco. Instead of the effect of snow, we wanted to create the effect of fog. We modified the material used to float in the water to be a smaller grain size that would remain suspended longer and look like fog on the skyline of San Francisco.

Glass snow globes for the best quality

We offer two standard size glass globes. Some complex sculptures benefit from the larger globe size, to have a larger sculpture with more detail. This will depend on your project.

How do I get started?

Our designers create the initial visual concept and shape of the globe interior and base using your guidance and imagery.

What kinds of things can be inside a globe?

We create sculptures from things like a college campus, specific buildings, a cityscape, mountains, animals, cartoon characters, or even a vehicle can be made into a custom snow globe.

What kind of detail can we have in the sculptures?

To see more examples of molded resin sculptures like the ones we use inside our globes, check out this post about our custom molded resin ornaments at the link here: Custom Ornaments

Frequent Questions:

  • What is the minimum for custom snow globes? 500 units in glass
  • How long does it take to make custom snow globes?  50 days production after sample approval
  • What kind of art do I need to provide to create the molds for the globe? We can work from drawings, photos, videos or 3d objects like models, etc.
  • Are the sculptures 3d inside the globe? Yes, they are small sculptures
  • Can I have glitter in my globe? Yes
  • Can I have a musical component to my globe? Yes
  • Is the base custom molded too? Yes
  • Can I have a logo on the base of my snow globe? Yes
  • Do you have different size globes? Yes, 3″ and 4″ are the most popular
  • Do you provide an approval sample before bulk production? Yes, we make approval samples as part of the production process
  • If I need a unique shape globe, is that possible? Yes, contact us to discuss

Call or EMAIL us to discuss creating custom snow globes: 212-477-9373