Gouda, Inc. designs and crafts custom boxes and packaging for many of our private label products.

A quality custom box box is known to improve buyer perception and increase price tolerance at retail. Custom boxes increase the perceived value and improve branding and display all at once.

Gouda creates boxes with magnets, sliding drawers, custom compartments, and a variety of unique features and materials.  Our team of industrial designers will develop your design for optimum display and visibility with brand appropriate materials.

We construct boxes out of a variety of materials including, metal, wood, plastic and papers to fit the project timeline and price point. We emboss, dye cut, foil, print, wrap and hinge our boxes.

If building a quality brand is important to you, you will want to consider how custom boxes can help.

Gouda will work with your existing designs, or create new custom designs for you.

Frequent Questions:

  • What are the minimums? Call us to discuss the type of box you need and we can confirm
  • How long does production take? 15-45 days production – depending on the type of box
  • Will I see a sample before production? Yes
  • How long does a custom sample take? 3-4 weeks
  • Can I create custom shapes? Yes
  • Do you have different types of paper and finishes? Yes
  • Do I need a complete design or can Gouda assist with the design process? We can assist in finalizing your design
  • Can I have full color printing? Yes
  • Do I have different paper finish choices? Yes
  • Are custom boxes made in the US? We manufacture both in the US and overseas, depending on the project

Call or EMAIL us to get started or to request a sample: 212-477-9373

Custom designed and crafted boxes and packaging