Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom ties in woven and printed silk

When starting a custom tie project, the first decision about the design of the tie is whether your tie will be a woven or printed design.

If you think for a moment about what the difference is, you can think of a classic woven stripe as a woven silk where the yarns are dyed and then woven into the stripe of the tie. The other option is a printed silk tie which is allows for a great range of colors and details in the design of the tie.

We can split your production into multiple colorways, to appeal to a range of tie customers.

You can rely on our design team to create custom patterns for your ties, or we can work with your designs. We offer full-service design and manufacturing, right down to custom logo labels and custom tipping.

Frequent Questions about the process of making custom ties:

  • What is the minimum order QTY for ties? 100 units
  • How long does production take? 30 days
  • Will I see a sample of my tie? Yes.
  • Can your team help me design my ties? Yes.
  • Do you match my artwork on the ties? Yes.
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? Illustrator or Photoshop is preferred
  • Can I have a custom width? Yes
  • Can you print digitally on silk? Yes.
  • Do you match Pantone® colors on silk? Yes.
  • Can I make polyester ties? Yes.
  • How much do custom ties cost? We quote all projects based on the artwork.

Gouda has been crafting custom ties for over twenty years. Call the experts to discuss your tie project or to get request a quote: 212-477-9373.

Email your design for an estimate.