Custom Uniform Scarves and Ties made to order 

Gouda has been designing and manufacturing custom scarves and ties as accessories for clients from banks to airlines to complete the perfect uniform.

If you are looking for a manufacturing partner to refine and produce just the right material and construction for your professional accessories you have come to the right place.

Whether you have a completed design, or you would like to work with our design team to create your custom corporate scarves or ties, we can help. When we work on accessories for uniforms, we want our clients to have the same range of options we would offer a designer or retailer. We understand it is important to be practical, but your uniforms should not sacrifice quality in the process.

All of our scarves are custom made so the size of the scarf and the amount of fabric to achieve just the right shape for your uniform can be customized to your unique situation.

Our ties are also made in differing widths and lengths to be tailored to your final desired uniform look. When it comes to color, we know how important color is for your message. Our color team uses Pantone® matched inks so your accessories with match your brand identity.

Gouda prints on a range of fabrics including a variety of comfortable and easy care polyester materials that result in a polished looking and easy care uniform.

Work directly with our design and production team to decide on the fabrics and print techniques that will work best for your scarves or ties.

We offer the added option of stain resistant finishes to protect our uniform scarves and ties to maintain a clean appearance in any demanding environment.

Call or EMAIL us to get started with your custom uniform scarves and ties today: 212-477-9373