Custom Enamel Pins

If you are looking for a manufacture of custom enamel pins you have come to the right place. We have been making custom molded pins for over twenty years, and can customize all aspects of the process and packaging for your project.

Custom pin manufacturing starts with the concept for the pin shape and color of the metal for the overall pin structure. Gold tone and silver tone are most common but we can also create an antique metal that has a darker almost black finish which can add drama to the pin design.

Design of your pin should start with the concept. Once the concept is clear we will create the final design virtual as a proof including where and how the backing will attach to the pin.

We use both traditional pin backs as well as magnetic backs for our pins so you have the choice for your design. Sometimes if you expect the pin will be used on more delicate fabrics you might want to consider a magnetic back. We can share both styles with you to help make decisions.

Custom enamel pins can be molded to include enamel decoration, recessed, or cut-out areas, high polish or brushed finishes.

If your project needs special packaging, we can work with you to create just the right presentation.

Standard timing for our custom pins is 30 days production after sample approval.

We prefer to work with Adobe Illustrator files for the cleanest result, but feel free to call us if you need assistance with your artwork preparation.

Call or email us to get started: 212-477-9373