Custom molded ornaments made to order

Custom Molded Ornaments are a creative way to create a memorable keepsake that is unique to your story. Inexpensive and playful, ornaments are popular gifts and mementos.

What is the Process?

The process of creating custom molded ornaments starts with a sketch and a small sculpture to visualize the final ornament.

The original sculpture will be cast as a prototype for approval and hand painted for your approval prior to production. Once your sample is approved, we create the final molds for production and will use that sample as our guide to match for bulk production.

Finishing touches include hand-painting and further embellished according to create just the right effect. You can see from the examples on this post, there are many different effects and finishes possible.

We make custom ornaments in resin, ceramic and metal

Resin (pictured here) is ideal for capturing small sculpted detail in a lightweight, inexpensive material.

We offer custom boxes and packaging including clear acetate boxes and cardboard.

Frequent Questions:

  • What are these ornaments made from? Resin
  • Can they be any size? Yes
  • What kind of original artwork do I need to provide? We can work from models, illustrations or photographs
  • What is the minimum order? 1,000 units
  • How long do they take to produce? 40-45 days
  • Will I see a sample of my ornament for approval prior to bulk production? Yes
  • How long will sampling take? 2-3 weeks
  • How much will my ornaments cost? We can confirm upon review of your design
  • Can Gouda help me finalize my design? Yes

Call or EMAIL us to get started: 212-477-9373

Molded Ornaments – made to order