Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom woven ties.

Woven ties are a classic way to create an elegant texture for a custom tie. A perfect way to create a great-looking logo tie.

The most basic woven tie is a woven stripe, that alternates two colors. The stripes themselves may have some texture according the the way the loom is designed. Sometimes one stripe is smooth and contrasts with a stripe that has more texture to create interest in the tie. The woven texture picks up the sheen of  silk threads and makes a subtle and rich effect in the tie.  The texture of a custom woven tie design is part of the process of creating a beautiful woven tie.

Gouda creates woven ties with patterns, logos and design elements to make the tie unique.

We start with yarn dyed silk and then create a woven pattern based on an original design. The loom that creates the woven tie is programmed with that design to weave together the silk yarns in a way the brings the design elements into the tie. For instance, you might want to see a golden color bee on a blue background.  In this case we are engineering the loom pattern to feature the golden yellow silk threads to weave on top of the fabric so that the blue becomes the background.

Typical timing for our custom woven tie is 30-40 days after sample approval.

Call the woven tie experts to discuss your tie project: 212-477-9373