Gouda creates custom woven towels made to order.

The difference between a custom woven towel and a printed towel is the yarns for a woven towel are dyed before the weaving process.

All yarns are batch dyed to match target colors and then woven together into a design for the finished towel. After weaving, the woven terry is sheered on one side and then cut and finished. The sheering process reduces some of the cotton weight of the towel at the same time creating the smooth side of the towel. The back side of the towel will retain loops. This is a sheered towel with a loop back.

The resulting woven towel will have color through and through from the front to the back unlike a printed towel where the design is visible only on the front and remains white on the back side.

Most of our woven towel designs are two colors designs, but when your design calls for more than two colors, we can discuss that with you. Yarn dyeing has minimums, so order quantities will differ from our printed towels.

We offer towel production in the US as well as overseas depending on the timing and quantities of your project.

Call us for answers on your towel questions or to receive a quote: 212-477-9373.

Woven Towel Detail

Custom Yarn Dyed Woven Beach Towels – made to order