Gouda manufactures custom products and we are working with our partners to produce custom made Health solutions

Custom Made Masks

Custom made masks made in three layers complete with filter pocket, filters and individual packaging. High quality custom made masks are difficult to find and Gouda offers several styles of custom masks that are made to order incorporating the most popular features for all day wear and comfort. While wearing face masks is new to...

Safety Guard Clear Wall Barriers for Restaurants, Hospitality, Business, Civic and Retail

Clear, lightweight and flexible protective barriers are ideal in restaurant and hospitality situations. These attractive barriers can be moved quickly and repositioned to accommodate different set ups and situations. We are working with our trusted partners to develop and distribute safety products to promote safer options as we reopen businesses. Call us to discuss solutions:...

Floor Model Sanitizer Dispensers

Wholesale Sanitizer Dispensers. Floor Model and Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispensers in stock.

Custom Printed 2 PLY Cotton Poly Face Masks

Comfortable cotton/ poly face masks printed with your logo. Washable, reusable fabric face masks. T-shirt fabric masks.

Three Layer Printed Masks Made to Order

3 layer masks printed in the US in full color

Custom Printed Face Masks Made in the USA

Custom all over printed face masks manufactured in the USA. Full color printing complete with a filter pocket.

Digital Cotton Bandanas

Gouda, Inc. prints digital cotton bandanas printed in full color. Made to order. Expert Digital printing on cotton, rayon and silk.

Custom Silk Scarves

Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom silk scarves. Custom silk scarves have been a mainstay of our custom offerings at Gouda since we started making custom gifts and accessories in 1992. Our custom scarf designs begin with a concept for a scarf in either a square or oblong format. We make custom scarves in a...

The Gouda showroom is in the heart of the flatiron area of New York City.

Call for an appointment: 212-477-9373

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