Custom Shawls

Gouda, Inc. manufactures custom shawls in rayon, cotton, wool, modal, viscose and blends of fibers. All of our fabric choices result in full color saturation through to the back of the shawl.

Our custom shawls are printed, dyed and woven in custom sizes and finishes.

Our largest shawls measure approximately 40 x 80″ and are large enough to wrap and drape to be worn in a variety of ways.

We offer hemming and fringe finishes on our shawls depending on your preference.

Printing methods include spot color printing in solid colors and digital printing. We start every project with a careful review of your artwork to confirm the best way to print your shawls. If you have questions about what kind of artwork we can reproduce on our shawls, send us a note or call us to discuss.

Work directly with our team to refine your design, or send us your completed design files for a quote.

When starting a custom shawl project we recommend considering the fabric and the print method first. Once we establish what kind of print or dye technique your shawl project will use, we will also recommend a fabric for your shawls.

Call or email us to get started: 212-477-9373