Gouda, Inc. designs and manufacturers custom clocks, wall clocks and watches that incorporate a variety of unique design details.

Manufacturing of a custom clock starts with the shape and form of the clock.

The body of the desk clock pictured here was custom molded in brushed stainless steel. We designed this clock for the Metropolitan Museum of Art to illustrate the magic of color. The face of the clock features a translucent turning disc that changes color continuously as it moves.

When designing a specialty custom clock, we start from the beginning and design all aspects of the case, motor and features including custom face options and custom hands.

With experience designing custom timepieces and custom clocks, we look forward to a challenge with a custom clock.

Minimum quantities to manufacture a custom clock will depend on the level of customization of your clock.  Call a custom clock expert today to talk about designing and manufacturing your custom clock: 212-477-9373