Gouda, Inc. manufactures fine slippers including cashmere slippers.

Custom cashmere slippers start with the quality of the fibers.  Cashmere comes from the hair of cashmere goats, not from the wool of a sheep.  This goat hair is famously soft and warmer than sheep wool. We make our cashmere slippers in a high cashmere count blend combined with soft merino wool.  These fibers are woven into soft, durable blended fiber that can then be made into slippers.  We hand sew the cashmere weave over a soft footbed and a finish with suede sole.

Our custom cashmere slippers are yarn died, so the color of our slippers are customized at the start of the process.  We have a range of  custom cashmere colors as well as the ability to provide custom yarn dyeing of your cashmere.

We package cashmere slippers in custom boxes or travel bags.

Our slippers are enjoyed in the finest hotels and suites in the world.

A cashmere slipper as a guest amenity will never be forgotten by a luxury guests.

If you are looking for the ultimate gift or amenity for your clients, a custom cashmere slipper is an ideal bespoke gift.

We customize our slippers to feature the name of your brand or property.

Our minimum qty to custom manufacture cashmere slippers will start at 500 units from our standard colors.  We also manufacture matching cashmere robes.

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