Gouda creates custom designed totes to stand out from the ordinary.

We design custom totes so the artwork can fill the whole bag.  Our custom totes are not limited to a standard image area, because we design and create the tote around the idea.

Seam-to-seam printing can only be accomplished of we are printing on the fabrics before we sew the totes, so that allows complete creative freedom with our custom totes.

We start the design process by developing the size and pattern for the tote and deciding on the details of the handle style, length and construction. We design the tote to include interior pockets, and linings as needed.

In this case, we designed the tote to have black canvas handles and a matching black bottom so the tote can rest on the floor without getting dirty.

When you want a custom designed tote that needs to have an impact, call us to talk about your project: 212-477-9373.