Custom Logo Labels

If you want to include custom logo labels in your private label products, you have come to the right place. Gouda offers full customization down to these branding details so your finished products are truly custom for you.  See examples here in a variety of colors and locations to see how logo labels add a finishing touch.

Do I need a label?

All of our products, whether made in the US or imported, require some type of label to indicate origin of manufacture and in some cases the content of the item.  In the case of silk scarves, we recommend including care instructions so the end user knows how to care for the fabric for the longest life.  The branding component is up to you to be sure you have the level of visibility you are seeking as part of your design.

Do I need care instructions?

Care instructions are recommended for anything in the apparel category. Not necessary for bags and umbrellas for instance. With care instructions, some clients like to include the universal care symbols as well as the care text. This is something to research depending where you are selling. Some clients include multiple languages. This is entirely up to you. Our recommendation is to keep it simple, and be sure you are in compliance with any local laws.

 Frequent Questions:

  • Does it add cost? There is small cost, yes
  • Are these woven or printed? We offer both
  • Can I have a unique shape? We have flexibility on size, yes
  • Can Gouda match my brand colors? Yes, we have lots of options
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? Illustrator® is preferred
  • Is there a minimum order QTY for this option? Yes
  • Can I approve a sample before production? Yes
  • Do I need this for selling my custom products? No
  • How can I confirm the cost? We provide complete quotes for your projects once we know the details
  • Can Gouda help me with this design process? Yes
  • Can I provide my own to sew into my products? Yes

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Custom Logo Labels made to order
Custom woven logo labels sewn into the hem of this pouch.
Custom color logo label options
Custom woven logo labels sewn into the hem of this pouch.
Custom color logo label options