If your restaurant or café is looking to create branded restaurant mugs you have come to the right place.

Gouda has been making great looking logo mugs for over twenty years. You can choose from our color mugs to tie your mug color to your brand, or you can start with a classic white mug and decorate all over.

While restaurant mugs will always have more wear and tear than mug used at home, our dishwasher safe mugs will stand up to the regular use and abuse or a commercial environment.

The mug pictured here is a lime green to tie into the brand colors of the restaurant with a simple one color logo print on both sides of the mug.

Logo mugs are a great way to create a positive impression at the end of the meal with each guest. Some of our clients even find their mugs are so popular, they start to sell them as mementos.

Some of our café customers and coffee hot spots create special custom mugs for sale at retail. You can see great examples at the Kookaburra Coffee Shops.

If you prefer a classic diner shapes in your restaurant our fired decal DINER MUGS are also a popular choice.

Call or EMAIL us to get started.  You will speak with an experienced member of our team to help guide you to the right solutions quickly: 212-477-9373