Rush Print Compact Logo Umbrellas in a rainbow of colored fabric choices ship within ten days

Gouda prints compact umbrellas with logos within ten days when you have a rush print umbrella project.  See costing below.

We include a one color logo print on one panel in all of our costing for our stock umbrellas. Multiple color logos and multi logo umbrellas will be priced according to the specifics of your needs. In general, the more locations we print and the more colors we print the more expensive the per unit price of your logo umbrella.

When we are printing on finished umbrellas we are printing in the center of the umbrella panel toward the bottom of the panel. We are not able to print across the ribs or up high on the umbrella when printing logos on stock umbrellas.

Printing on our compact umbrellas is a great solution when you need a logo umbrella in a rush.

If you need to print across panels or allover your umbrella you will want to look at our custom umbrellas section to see more options there.

Please provide print artwork in Adobe Illustrator format for the cleanest print.  If you do not have Illustrator files, send your pdf file to us for review so that we can confirm if we can convert the artwork to print clearly on your umbrella panels.

We will be silkscreen printing your umbrellas in standard colors including white ink, black ink, red, and royal ink.  If you need Pantone color matching for your logo we can provide that type of color matching as well.  If you have a full color logo and need to print that on a compact umbrella, please call our offices to discuss as there are some specific requirement for full color logos and additional charges: 212-477-9373

If you would like to request a sample, call or email our offices.