All Over Print Canvas Totes

Gouda designs and manufactures all over print canvas totes in custom sizes and weights.

In order to create fully printed all over print canvas totes we start with the fabric to print our panels before we sew up the totes. We cut the canvas parts and when they are still flat, we print the panels edge to edge. After printing, we sew up the panels into the final tote so that we create an all over printed tote.

We can print in as many as 8 colors on canvas panels to create all over print totes.

Printing before we make up the totes is the only way to get this kind of print coverage into the seams.

Frequent Questions:

• What kind of artwork do I need to supply? Illustrator is preferred.

• Will I see a sample of my tote? Yes.

• What are the minimums for all over print totes? 200 pcs.

• What size totes can I make? Our sizes are custom to fit our client projects.

• What weight canvas can I print? We print on cotton from 6 oz to 18 oz.

Call or email us to discuss more details on your canvas tote project: 212-477-9373