Custom Umbrella Handles

If you are working on a custom umbrella design and want to add a signature custom umbrella handle, you have come to the right place.  Once we are creating a fully custom umbrella, you can specify the color of the frame and the handle.

We match Pantone® colors in both our wooden umbrella handles or with our custom molded plastic umbrella handles

The frame and handle can be different colors or the same. It’s up to you. We have examples where clients will make a shiny red handle on a black frame as part of the overall umbrella design.

All of our wood frames start out as light color wood and we finish them in a range of tones from blonde to black so the frame will compliment the fabric of the umbrella. So, if you want an oak stain finish for a classic look to your umbrella, we can make that for you as part of the process of making your frames. Maybe a light blonde wood is better with your fabric choice, not a problem since we are staining the wood for your order.

In the Nickelodeon umbrella pictured above, we matched the custom color orange handle to the orange tip of the umbrella to match the orange of the Nickelodeon logo. We even matched the plastic orange tips to the orange of the handle to tie it all together.

Frequent Questions:

  • Can I have a custom handle on any umbrella? We can only customize handles when we are manufacturing custom frames for you
  • Can you change handles on your stocked umbrellas? No
  • Does it cost more to customize my umbrella frames? No
  • What is the minimum order quantity for custom handles and frames? This will depend on the umbrella style and level of customization needed
  • How do I get details on my custom project? Best to call us to discuss your design requirements
  • Will I be able to approve my custom umbrella before bulk production? Yes
  • Can I customize the printed fabric and the frame? Yes
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? For printing, we recommend Illustrator or Photoshop
  • Can I request random examples before I place my order? Yes
  • Are these manufactured in the US? No
  • Do you offer stocked frames as well as custom fames? Yes, see more on our fastest custom umbrella frames at the link here: Fastest Custom Umbrellas

Call 212-477-9373 or email us to get started.

custom color umbrella handles
Dark tone wood frame
Medium tone wood frame
Light tone wood frame
Dark tone wood frame
Medium tone wood frame
Light tone wood frame