Gouda makes Custom Umbrella Handles in custom colors finishes and materials

Custom umbrella handles add a level of interest to a custom umbrella.  Sometimes a custom colored handle can make an umbrella design stand out in a crowd.

We make custom umbrella handles in custom spray finishes that include shiny and matte finishes.

We can spray the wooden handles in custom colors or we can mold the handles in custom color plastics.

In the Nickelodeon umbrella pictured here, we matched the custom color orange handle to the orange tip to match the orange of the logo. We even matched the plastic orange tips to the orange of the handle.

We can match pantone colors in both our sprayed umbrella handles or with our custom molded plastic umbrella handles.

We can custom mold handles for all of our custom umbrellas. Call us to discuss your custom handles and umbrellas: 212-477-9373

orange handle umbrella

Custom color handle umbrella