Logo Size on Umbrellas

One of the questions we answer often is, “How big can my logo be on an umbrella?”

When we are making custom umbrellas we can literally print your logo all over the umbrella. View examples of our custom umbrellas here.

But, lots of times we are printing your logo on a finished umbrella.  If we are printing on a stock umbrella that is already constructed we have some limitations in the print area to fit between the ribs.

It is pretty simple logic really, because when we are printing on finished umbrellas we can only fit the part of the umbrella that can be flat on the press, which means we are printing at the bottom of the panel of the umbrella in the center. Because, we can’t print over the seams or over the ribs of the finished umbrella.

So, that means with a stock  umbrella, we will need to keep your logo in the middle of the panel toward the bottom.  The size of the umbrella panel will also dictate how big we can make your logo.  If we are printing our oversize golf umbrellas, your logo will be able to be larger than on our compact umbrellas, because the panels are bigger on the golf size umbrella.

Once you choose the style umbrella you are going to print, we can advise the largest size we can print your logo on that umbrella style.

The artwork we will need for printing your logo on an umbrella is Illustrator, because we can scale that artwork to the right size for printing without losing any quality in the logo.

Our minimum for logo printed umbrellas is 100 units. See a range of logo umbrellas here.

We look forward to answering all of your questions about logo size and printing on umbrellas.  Give us a call to get started: 212-477-9373.



Artwork Requirements for Logo Umbrellas

For the best print results on our umbrellas we recommend Adobe® Illustrator files to be sure we get a clean result.

We recommend converting all files to be vector outline files so there are no issues with fonts flowing incorrectly.

If you need assistance preparing your files for printing let us know. Call us to get more information: 212-477-9373