Gouda, Inc. creates specialty fabric bags

We are not limited to a small range of fabrics when we make custom bags, we make bags out of almost any fabric.  We have worked with a variety of fabrics from Knoll upholstery fabrics like in the attached picture, to moving blankets.

We always strive to create exactly the custom bags our clients need.  Our clients sometimes want to promote their unique fabrics, or they want a bag that has never been made before.  We are never shy about trying out unique fabrics or fabrications for our clients custom bags.

We make custom specialty fabric bags out of neoprene, rubber, aluminum mesh, PVC, PE, PP, laminated canvas, sheeting, gauze, quilted fabrics, corduroy, denim, polyesters, rayon, Tyvek®, felt, poly mesh, paper, leather, toweling, metallic fabrics and more.

We often combine specialty fabrics and materials with traditional fabrics so that we can create structural bags that have a unique look.

Some of our custom fabric bags are made incorporating canvas as the structure of the bag, with a specialty fabric on the exterior.

Call a custom bag expert today to discuss your bag project made from your custom fabric: 212-477-9373