Custom Tyvek Bags

Gouda manufactures custom tote bags in a variety of materials from fabrics to paper and even Tyvek®.  Custom Tyvek Bags are more durable than paper and can be fully offset printed with full color imagery for a strong lightweight bag.

While Tyvek® was developed for industrial applications, its strength and unusual properties make it a durable material for reusable tote bags.

A recent project (pictured here) was designed to hold a heavy speaker without tearing or failing under the weight. During the design phase, we added handles to wrap the bag entirely. The resulting bag can handle the heavy load without ripping or failing. In this case, paper would not have been the right material choice.

Because Tyvek® behaves a little like paper and a little like fabric, we can sew it (unlike paper) to create lightweight backpacks, duffel bags and all types of shapes including tote bags.

At Gouda, we want to know your goals so we can recommend the material and structure to deliver the best solution for your budget.

Take advantage of our experience and materials knowledge to get just the right bag for your project.

Call or email Gouda to ge started: 212-477-9373.

Custom Tyvek Bags made in a variety of weights and shapes