Custom Woven Umbrellas and Specialty Fabric Umbrellas

Gouda manufactures custom woven fabric umbrellas to create special effects in the final umbrella. When a project calls for a truly unique fabric umbrella, we may want to consider weaving that fabric to create just the right look and feel.  In this case, we created a color changing fabric for our line of umbrellas that changes color depending on the light.  We wove together two different thread colors to create a third color that shifts, depending on the angle of the light.

While not everyone needs a special custom fabric for their umbrella, it is good to know it can be done. The quantities for special fabrics will be higher than our standard fabrics. The timing involved to make the fabric also increases the overall manufacturing time. As you can see, the results are truly special. The overall effect on of a custom woven or specialty fabric umbrella will create a unique result and a strong statement.

Gouda creates custom woven fabric umbrellas and specialty fabric umbrellas when you want your umbrella to stand out.

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