If you are looking Custom Umbrella Manufacturer you have come to the right place.

Gouda has been manufacturing custom umbrellas for over twenty years in custom colors, fabrics and styles. Our design an production team will walk you through the options at the start of the process to guarantee the best result.

All custom umbrellas start with a design concept. Take a look at some of our links related to the design process here.

If you have never designed an umbrella, there are many factors to consider at the start. As a manufacturer of custom umbrellas, we have found one question to be the most important at the start: When do you need your umbrellas delivered?

It might surprise to know it takes some time to make fully custom umbrellas. The factors that will influence the timing include the type of frame, the print style, and if there are any custom elements like a custom shaped handle or a custom color fabric. Once we discuss your design goals, we will provide a timing estimate for your project that include any of the custom design aspects. Production timing can take up to 70 days, but until we have refined the design, we cannot confirm exact timing.

Unlike apparel where you are sewing only fabrics, with umbrellas we will be combining fabric, print, frame and mechanical parts to craft your umbrellas. All of these aspects of the design are important to review at the start of the process, so we can provide the best solutions and estimates on timing.

Another important question about custom manufactured umbrellas, is minimum order qty. In most cases for best pricing our custom umbrellas start at 600 units. This makes it possible to create all of the interesting umbrellas you see on these pages because we are custom building the umbrellas from the fabric to the frame details.

If a fully custom umbrella won’t fit your timing or if you need a smaller quantity, call us to talk about our logo options that we print and deliver in ten days. The print area on these umbrellas will be smaller than the print area when we are manufacturing your umbrellas, but they are a great choice when you need a logo solution in a hurry.

When you have time to create custom umbrellas, our manufacturing and design expertise guarantees great results.

Call the Custom Umbrella Manufacturer famous for unique umbrellas to discss your umbrella project or request samples: 212-477-9373.