Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures eye-catching custom promotional umbrellas with full coverage, jumbo logos in a range of sizes from compact to oversize umbrellas.

There are several ways to think auto creating a custom promotional umbrella. We can use our stock umbrellas to imprint your logo if you are in a rush, or if you have more time you can make a completely custom promotional umbrella.

The umbrella pictured here was created to showcase all of the new colors for a line of Benjamin Moore® paint.  The only way we could capture all of the nuance of the paint images was to print them in full color. In this case we even printed the black of the background on this umbrella.  This way, we could capture all of the subtle colors of the actual paint.

To create a truly custom promotional umbrella like this one, we started by choosing our frame style and then printing the imagery on the flat panels of fabric.  After printing the panels, we then hand sew those printed panels to the frame of our umbrella.

Sometimes, people are surprised to learn that an umbrella canopy is sewn to the mechanical part or the frame of the umbrella.  But, if you look inside any umbrella you will see the hand stitching that attaches the fabric panels to the frame.  The reason the panels are attached by hand to the umbrella frame is so that when the umbrella folds up, it can fold and and reopen and stretch in a way that does not rip the fabric.

So, when you want a truly unique promotional umbrella, like in the case of this umbrella pictured above, you will want to start at the beginning to control all of the design details to get exactly the right effect on your umbrella.

Gouda specializes in manufacturing knock-out custom promotional umbrellas, so give us a call for best in the business results.

Quantities for fully custom options start at 300 units.  Cost estimates are provided upon review of your design concepts. We can start the process with a sketch or a conversation to help you finalize direction and designs.

Gouda, Inc. manufactures creative custom promotional umbrellas made to order. Call the umbrella experts to discuss the possibilities:212-477-9373

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