Rayon Shawls

Gouda has been manufacturing rayon shawls as part of our scarf offerings for over twenty years. Rayon is an ideal fabric for a more casual feel to a scarf or shawl with a different drape from silks and other fabrics. Rayon is lightweight and airy and it prints beautifully. Originally developed as an alternative to silk as far back as the 1880’s rayon is a great choice for shawls and scarves.  Made of cellulose, rayon is a cost effective, attractive fabric that takes both dyes and print very well.

Size Options for Shawls

Our rayon shawls and scarves are made in various sizes as large as 40 x 80″.  To finish our shawls we either hem the edges or create a fringed edge depending on the desired effect.  We can even finish your shawls as an infinity style shawl.

Hems and Finishes

Many clients like an ‘eyelash fringe’ finish, which is a short fringe at the edges of the shawl.  Otherwise, we finish with a baby hem on rayon which keeps the hemming neat and soft. We also offer color tassels if you are looking for unique flourish for your shawls. You can see more about tassels by following the link here: Tassel Shawls

Print Methods for Rayon

We print both traditionally with silkscreen printing as well as digital printing on our shawls. In most cases, digital printing is best when you have many colors or many gradations to the design. We will consult with you on your initial design to confirm the best way to print for you.

Other Material Options

Other materials for shawls include cotton, silk, modal, polyester, wool and blends. Check out more about our other fabrics at the link HERE

Frequent Questions:

  • What is the minimum to print? 200 units
  • Can I print in full color? Yes
  • Will the color come through the rayon to the back? Yes
  • Can I have multiple designs within that 200 units? Yes
  • Can I approve samples prior to production? Yes, once we have your order, we can print approval samples
  • Will my production match my samples? Yes
  • How long does it take to manufacture? 3-4 weeks
  • Are these made in the US? No
  • Can I have a custom size? Yes
  • Can I request a sample for quality prior to placing my order? Yes

Call or email us to discuss your shawl project: 212-477-9373

Custom Printed Rayon Shawls  – made to order