Wool and Modal Scarves

If you are looking for a manufacturer to create custom wool and modal scarves you have come to the right place.

We use wool blends including cotton and modal when printing digitally, to guarantee the color through to the back of the scarves maintains richness and saturation.  With our wool and modal blends, we can finish the hems as stitched hems or as eyelash fringe like you see in some of these examples.  If you prefer a clean hemmed edge to your scarves no problem.

Our wool blend scarves are great as oblong scarves as well as in square sizes. You can choose what size and shape is best for your project.

Frequent Questions about our Custom Wool and Modal Scarves:

  • What is the minimum order Qty to make my own scarf? 100 units
  • How long does it take? 30 days production
  • Will I see color on the back of my scarf? Yes, our colors penetrate well on our wool and modal blend scarves
  • Can I have a custom size to my scarf? Yes
  • Will I see a sample before production? Yes, we offer pre production samples as part of the ordering process
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files are preferred
  • Can you match Pantone colors? Yes
  • Can Gouda help me finalize my design? Yes
  • Are these scarves machine washable? We recommend dry cleaning any of our better fabrics for longest life
  • Can I have my own logo label on my scarves? Yes, at 200 units
  • How do I get a quote for my custom scarves? Call or email us to receive a quote at your size

Call the experts to get started: 212-477-9373

If you want to explore other fabrics for your scarf project, follow the link here to see a range of fabric options: Custom Scarves