Silk Twill Scarves

Gouda has been manufacturing silk twill scarves for over twenty years.  Silk twill is a classic texture that gets its name from the very fine twill weave on the surface. The weave is subtle, but gives the surface of the silk depth which accentuates the color of the print.  The twill fabric also gives the silk a body and hand feel unlike other types of silks.  The light bounces off the twill showing off the richness of the printed design.  Twill would be the most classic choice for a square scarf.

We design and print silk twill scarves for many types of clients including specialty gift stores, museums, memberships and organizations who want to give a memorable patrons gift.

All silk fabric starts as white, and behaves slightly differently depending on the weight of the silk and the texture. Even though we will be printing on only one side of the silk, we select our silk fabrics for their ability to absorb colors through to the back for rich colors on both sides. Take a look at some of our videos for reference on color both sides of the scarves.

We print on other types of silks including crépe, chiffon, and satin to make our scarves if you are looking for a different kind of effect.

Frequent Questions:

  • How long will my custom scarves take to produce? Approximately 30 days
  • Can I request an approval sample prior to bulk production? Yes, we make approval samples as part of the order process
  • How long will my samples take? Approximately two weeks
  • Can I print in full color? Yes, see more here about our digital printing
  • Can I request a random sample prior to placing my order to see the quality? Yes
  • What kind of artwork is preferred? Illustrator or Photoshop (high resolution)
  • Will my production scarves match the approval sample? Yes
  • Can you match colors from my artwork? Yes, while there is always some translation onto silk our color matching is excellent
  • Where do I find templates? Download standard size templates HERE
  • Can I assort the prints in my order? Yes, our four pack of 50 pcs each is a great choice for assorting designs
  • Can I have a logo label on my scarves? Yes
  • Can I get help finalizing my designs? Yes
  • Do you offer special packaging? Yes, have a look at some of our packaging HERE
  • How can I get a quote for my project? Contact us by phone or email for current costing

Call our team to discuss your custom scarves or email your design to get started: 212-477-9373

Take a look at our packaging options for scarves as well as our custom logo labels.
Silk Twill Scarves - detail
Silk Twill Detail