Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom paper shopping bags in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Custom paper shopping bags are the most cost effective way to extend your brand message into the world and communicate exactly the right message to the customer who has just purchased from you as well as to everyone who sees that custom shopping bag walking out of your store.

A paper shopping bag may seem like an insignificant detail in your overall branding plan, but consider the different impression between a plain brown kraft bag and a sturdy laminated bag made in your brand color with matching satin ribbon handles and an embossed logo.  Which of those shopping bag options communicates more about your store experience and the quality of your offerings?  Which of those bags will be used again and extend the message of quality and pride even further?

If you are in the retail business, the most important customer to you is the customer who just made a decision to buy something from you, because it is that customer who should feel proud they purchased from your store, and proud of what they bought.  This customer will be less likely to return that purchase and this customer will also show off her purchase with pride to others by carrying your quality shopping bag.  She is your best sales ambassador as she carries your beautifully branded shopping bag.  Each purchase and each custom paper shopping bag is a branding opportunity.  Don’t waste the opportunity to promote your store by having the wrong custom shopping bag.

We offer custom shopping bags designed around the specifics of your brand and the products to be carried lovingly home.  Some of our clients have a need for a heavyweight shopping bag because they are packaging heavy catalogs or books, and some need a small custom size shopping bag for smaller items.

Typical minimum quantities for custom paper shopping paper shopping bags start at 2,500 units to allow all aspects of customization.

Gouda creates custom paper shopping bags to fit your needs and branding programs. Call a shopping bag expert today: 212-477-9373