Custom Paper Bag Design

Custom paper bag design starts with deciding on the size of the bag and the desired effect or print on the bag. In the bag design pictured above we started with a multi color stripe design to create a fully printed bag on all sides.  On this bag, we designed the bag to print with a solid gray interior while the exterior of the bag is 4 color process printed all over.

Paper bag design should take into account whether you want a simple cord or a ribbon for the handles of your bag. We have many standard cord colors for our bags and if the qty. permits, we can also make a custom color cord or ribbon if needed.  In most cases we have great choices on stock ribbons and cords that will work with your bag design. Our bags include a bottom board for reinforcement and support.

Successful paper bag design incorporates branding messages in the materials, print and proportion of the bag. Remember, a great shopping experience always translates into the final touches of the packaging and how the customer will carry their purchase home. With Gouda, you have the flexibility to design exactly the type of bag your project needs. Our existing templates cover a range of classic sizes and shapes, but  if you need something special, give us a call so we can create a custom template for you.

Gouda manufactures custom paper bags to custom size specifications.

Gouda creates 3D renderings of your custom paper bag designs so you can see a virtual proof of your design prior to sampling or production.  Call our offices to discuss creating virtual proofs for your bag project.

Final Artwork

If you are creating the artwork, Adobe Illustrator is the preferred format.  Please be sure all files are set up for printing, and when possible, we always like to have a printed example of the artwork for a color target.

If you prefer, you can have Gouda create the artwork for your paper bag design. Up to you.

Proofing and sampling are Phase One of the process after your price estimate has been approved. Once your bag has been sampled and approved we will proceed to production and arrange shipping.

Call us to discuss your custom paper bag project or to request samples today: 212-477-9373

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