Gouda, Inc. creates custom cotton canvas totes in a variety of custom sizes and weights.

We design and manufacture custom canvas totes from the beginning of the process based on the requirements of the project.

Some clients are fine with a standard off-the-shelf shape, but many of our clients want a way to differentiate with their cotton tote. So, our bag designers start with your goals in mind at the start of the project.  We will create your custom cotton canvas tote design to incorporate the design details, provide you with a cost estimate and a delivery estimate once we finalize the design.

The factors that go into the costing of your tote will be the weight of the canvas, the quantities of your order, if you need a custom color or a special coating. Also, the handle styles, and whether you want to have zippers, snaps or pockets.

We can customize every detail of your cotton canvas tote to create the perfect tote for you.

We manufacture our cotton canvas totes both in the US and overseas depending on the details of your design, your delivery timeline and quantities.

When you need a custom cotton tote made to your specifications, call the experts at Gouda: 212-477-9373

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