Gouda, Inc. creates custom art print mugs in high fire decals and with sublimation printing.

Reproducing full-color artwork on ceramic mugs starts with making the right decision about what kind of printing to use to create your full-color print. High-fire decals are the most durable types of prints on ceramics. We make high-fire decals in 4 and 6-color process prints. Often, especially with complex works of art, 4-color process is not rich enough in color to create an accurate reproduction. Often, we will want to add boost colors to create more richness to the decal. This decision will be made when reviewing the artwork to reproduce.

We know that any time you are making a translation of a work of art onto a mug there will be a loss in translation, but we aim for very high accuracy in our colors and we use the latest print techniques to guarantee the best results.

A high-fire decal starts as a paper print that is then fired into the outer layer of the prepared mug. The decal fuses to the mug.  The last step in the process is a clear flux coat to seal the decal and to make it permanent and dishwasher safe.

When making a full-color decal print, we will create a pre-production sample for approval as a match to our color target.  Our clients review the sample and check the colors at this stage for approval prior to production. The time to create the fired pre- production sample will vary and we will advise that sample timing at the start of the process.

Once the sample mug is approved, we will match all of the production mugs and prints to the approval sample.

Our team prepares designs and layouts for your custom mugs prior to sampling or your designers can provide layouts for your custom mug design.

With art print mugs, we can print all over the mug exterior, including printing under the mug handle and even on the handle itself. We print on the bottom of many styles of our mugs as well.  We can even print on the interior of some of our mug styles.

If you are looking for small Qty options with full color, our sublimated mugs are a great alternative to fired decals and are residential dishwasher safe.

Call the mug experts to get started on your custom art print mugs: 212-477-9373

Art Print Mugs – made to order