Gouda, Inc. manufactures custom reusable shopping bags that fold into themselves for easy packing and daily use.

Reusable shopping bags can be boring or they can be stylish and make you want to participate in the movement to carry a reusable bag with you wherever you go.

What makes our eco-friendy reusable bags a favorite choice is that they are durable, and attractive including great full color custom prints.

Our bags are full coverage printing so our clients have the most impact with their imagery.

Reusable bags make great gifts with purchase and great retail products because they are both beautiful and functional. This is a bag people enjoy and use for years.

Our famous Urban Shopper reusable bag features a comfortable, wide shoulder strap and a snap pocket that remains functional while using the bag. We ship our bags already packed into the self fabric snap pocket, and then that pocket can be used to hold credit cards or a shopping list when in use. The pocket feature of this bag makes it a functional favorite.

Our shopping bags are made of the same high performance rain grade polyester we use to make our umbrellas.  So, the bags are durable, washable and colorfast.

If you are concerned about reducing plastic bag use, you will love our reusable shopping bags rated for 500+ uses.

Call or EMAIL the bag experts at Gouda to get started: 212-477-9373

Custom folding shopping bags – made to order