Gouda makes great custom giveaway totes and event bags.

Giveaway totes and event bags are an ideal way to connect with your audience and extend your marketing message out into the world.  When your logo or message is used and re-used on a giveaway tote everyone wins. Giveaway totes at events have increased in recent years and now the goal is no longer just to give away a bag with a logo slapped on it, but to give a tote bag that people will use and re-use and continue to gain recognition. You want the recipient of the tote to perceive the bag as a thoughtful gift and in keeping with their lifestyle.  Gone are the days when a cheap bag is considered a gift of appreciation.

Well connected guests expect to be well treated, and a thoughtful giveaway tote is a good investment in that relationship. Remember, the goal is to appreciate that attendee and encourage repeat participation in the future as well as to create a positive connection with your event, charity or organization.  Guests are customers in this sense and not just passively happy with whatever giveaway you present to them.

Gouda has a great range of custom bag shapes and materials to choose from when creating a giveaway tote bag for your next event.

We offer a range of simple stock styles for rush imprinting as well as our fully custom bag options.

We print allover on a number of our bag materials as well as print photographic images on some of our custom bag materials.  From transparent cotton sheeting materials to heavyweight canvas and including PP and PE materials, we create a giveaway bags that fit your needs and budget.

Our fully custom giveaway totes and bags allow you to create the right bag for your budget and target audience.

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