Gouda creates custom metallic bags in custom shapes and sizes, manufactured to order.

Gouda creates metallic bags in different metallic materials and colors. In the example pictured here, you are seeing one of our shiniest silver metallic finishes which is mylar laminated to PE. The structure of the bag comes from the PE material and allows us to sew the bag and the shine of the bag comes from the mylar lamination.

We stock gold, silver, metallic blue, green and purple materials to make custom metallic bags on short notice.

We print on any of our metallics for great layered effects that bounce light through the print to the metallic coating.

Creating custom metallic bags starts with determining the size and desired print for the bag, so that we can confirm the details on costing and timing.  Our designers can send a template to you for creating the layout for your metallic bag, or we can design the whole bag for you. Up to you.

If you would like to create print artwork, Illustrator is the preferred format to be sure the print quality will be sharp and clean.

Generally, our quantities for a custom metallic bag start at 1,500 units. We also offer some stock metallic bag options and styles – – if you need smaller quantities.

So, call us to get started with your metallic bags today: 212-477-9373

Email us your requests or questions about our custom metallic bags.