Gouda designs and manufactures specialty bags for purposes including Custom Medical Bags.

The bag pictured here, created for Baxter Pharma was designed to hold a group of specific medical components necessary for mixing and injecting custom medications.  Our client needed a solution built around the unique medical requirements of their patients.

Our custom medical bags are used for temperature controlled storage of medications as well as transport of sensitive medical equipment and biological products.

Manufacturing custom bags starts with the desired function of the bag. In this case, after their design firm performed a detailed study of the needs and uses of the bag and submitted a concept for the bag and it’s functions to us. We took that direction and created a bag that accomplished all of the requirements, and was within the strict budget constraints of the client. We even provided some of the interior components including the custom welded 3- layer instruction mats, the plastic containers to hold some of the medical waste and the supplies.

Medical bags are a unique challenge, and we love a to create life saving solutions with our team of experts.

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