Gouda crafts inside print bags in custom sizes and shapes made to order.

We pioneered the idea of interior print bags to create unique bag designs with surprise linings. In this case, we are printing a photograph on the interior of a zippered top weekend size bag to add a level of fun to the design.

Our inside print bags can be reversible or not depending on the top finish and materials of the bag.

If the bag materials are soft enough on both the inside and the outside we can construct the bag to be reversible. This way you can have the printed layer on the inside or on the outside of the bag.

Inside print bags with contrasting exterior layers are an elegant way to create two bag effects in one.

As a manufacturer of custom bags, Gouda has experience creating unique bags with inside prints and custom linings.

Gouda’s team of experienced designers will work with you to create a design solution for your bag concept. We provide you with material suggestions, print options and construction methods that will result in a quality bag at a reasonable price.

Once we refine the design and materials, we will provide you with an estimate to produce your bag project including an overall timing estimate. We make bags both in the US and overseas depending on the design. In the case of an inside print bag, we will likely want to produce your bag in our overseas facilities due to the way the bags are sewn, but we can review that when planning your project.

Call us to discuss your custom bag project or to request a sample: 212-477-9373

If you are a museum, ask us about our non-profit programs.