Custom shaped bags are at the core of our custom bag programs for many of our clients.

Being able to create a custom shaped bag involves focusing on our clients specific needs.  Sometimes the idea for a custom shaped bag starts with needing to modify an existing shape and sometimes a custom shaped bag is created to provide an innovative solution in the market.

We have created round bags, oval bottom bags, tapered bags, extra long straps, adjustable sides, reversible bags and expanding bags in a variety of materials.

When working on a custom shaped bag, we start with a sketch to clarify the details of the bag, and then we create the initial master pattern for the custom shaped bag complete with a cost estimate.  Once the estimate for the bag is approved, we create a prototype and sample for approval prior to production.  The initial sample bag is where we can confirm all of the details prior to production and make any modifications to the custom shape.  If the initial sample is approved, we proceed to production, if any changes are made at the sample stage we will make another sample until the sample is approved for production.

Once we schedule production, the bag will finished and checked for quality prior to shipping. Packing and shipping of the custom shaped bag can require special packaging, so we will evaluate that prior to shipping to be sure none of the elements of the bag will be crushed or creased in shipping.

The qty. and timing for your custom shaped bag will depend on the materials and design of your bag, so we will need to speak with you about your shaped bag concept to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Call us to discuss your custom shaped bag: 212-477-9373