Digital Printing for Silk Scarves

When your original image or artwork is very complex with lots of gradations we recommend digital printing for your custom silk scarves.

For example, if your original artwork is a watercolor, digital printing will capture the full range of colors from your original artwork onto your scarves.

With digital printing, we print on all of our standard sizes including square and oblong sizes.

We use digital printing on all of our silk weights and fabrics including crépe, twill, satin and georgette.

Minimum quantity to produce digital silk scarves is 100 units.  Sample timing for digital printing is estimated at three weeks.

Frequent Questions about Digital Printing on Silk Scarves:

  • What is the minimum? 100 units
  • If I need a smaller QTY can you offer it? If you order 200 total scarves we can split your print run into 4 different designs = 50 units per design.
  • Is digital printing a high quality way to print silk? Yes
  • Will I see color on both sides of my scarves? Yes
  • Can I have a special size for my scarf? Yes
  • Does digital printing match colors well? Yes
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? Illustrator or Photoshop is preferred
  • Can I get help with my scarf design? Yes
  • Will I see a sample of my scarf for approval prior to bulk production? Yes, once we have your order we can create an approval sample
  • How long does it take to make digital silks? 30 days production
  • How long if I need to make samples before bulk production? 3 weeks
  • Can I have a custom logo label on my scarves? Yes, see our custom labels at the link HERE
  • Does Gouda offer packaging for scarves? Yes
  • Do you offer any scarves printed in the US? Yes, we make scarves in the US, but not in silk.  See more on these US made scarf options by following the link HERE

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