Gouda, Inc. manufactures custom beaded scarves.

Custom beading on scarves is an elegant detail that adds a unique finish to a scarf design.

We start by creating a custom beaded layout for your scarf on paper and selecting the type of beads that will be appropriate for your scarf design.

Custom beaded scarves can be beaded in the center, at the edges or on the fringe as you see in the design pictured here. This raw silk scarf is two colors of silk, sewn back-to-back with a matching beaded fringe at the edge of the scarf. We produced this scarf design in three color ways for a striking, yet elegant scarf collection. Each beaded scarf came in two colors and had matching beaded fringe.

Custom beaded effects are all created by hand, because the process of threading the beads is delicate and precise to the design of the scarf.

Each bead is hand sewn to the scarf according to the pattern of the design.

Our designers will create the custom beaded scarf designs based on an initial concept.

Once we have a design in place, we can finalize costing and timing on your custom beaded scarf project.

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