Gouda manufactures custom mesh pouches in aluminum and polyester mesh

Gold and silver color mesh are the most popular mesh colors, but we can also make copper color mesh and in the case of polyester mesh we can make pouches in a range of mesh sizes and even colors. Some are more open than others, and we can review the options with you in the design process.

When working with mesh, we start with the material for the pouch or bag and refine the structure so that we can determine the best way to sew and construct the bag. Mesh has some unusual properties and does not behave in the same way as other materials, so we may suggest using seam tapes to construct the bags.

Our designers will review the concept for the bag or pouch and then create an estimate for your custom bag project including the overall timing.

We are not able to print directly on mesh, because the ink flows through the mesh and will build up unevenly on the back of the material and look messy, so we apply custom labels or printed panels in combination with the mesh part of the bag to make an area if a print is desired.

Custom manufactured when you need a special pouch.

Call the experts to discuss your custom pouch project: 212-477-9373

Custom Pouches – made to order