Gouda creates custom latex bottom bags in custom shapes and sizes.

Gouda creates custom latex bottom bags manufactured out of industrial strength canvas in custom sizes and shapes.

Latex coatings were traditionally used for dipping tools and have been adapted for use on our canvas bags for signature effects on some of our canvas bag styles. A heavy duty canvas bag with a latex bottom is a new way of creating a classic.

Like any of our custom bags, you will work directly with our design team to clarify your bag and the details of the design at the beginning, so that we can create exactly the bag you envision. Creating bags for over twenty years means we have a range of solutions in terms of handle styles, and overall shapes that are time tested customer favorites. While there is nothing truly new under the sun, we take the time to make sure your custom bag has exactly the right details for you.

We start the process of creating a latex bottom bag with a concept for the overall bag including the shape of the bag and ultimate construction.

Call the custom bag experts to discuss your custom bag project: 212-477-9373